What We Do

We use our broad base of expert resources to dedicate ourselves to our clients' needs, offering innovative and cost effective solutions to complex world problems through evidence-based decision making.

Our Behaviour Change Communication model is based on exhaustive research, spending time with communities, understanding social norms and their perception of change, and studying behaviour settings. 

At the core of all our services, monitoring and evaluation is a habit. We practice regular monitoring in our day-to-day operations and are the strictest of evaluators of our own work. 

An organisation's systems and people are its most important assets. We help organisations grow and streamline their business operations through institutional self-assessments and building support systems that work. 

From defining vision and mission statements to strategic and work planning, we provide step-by-step guidance to our clients in implementing an effective and realistic organisational strategy. 

With an ever growing and in-depth sector knowledge, we help our national and international clients prepare effective long and short-term programmes and projects that actually benefit the people. 

For every decision we have ever taken, we applied rigorous research methods to collect the right data, process it, and analyse from different aspects before arriving at the final decision. 

Be it qualitative or quantitative, we collect data in every assignment. And we have done just that in difficult areas, on paper and electronically, with small and very large and diverse teams. 

Training is a cross-functional practice at AAN, where we offer a range of trainings in our functional practices bringing together our consulting, research and implementation experience to our training sessions and programmes.