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Training and Human Development

What We Do

An organisation’s systems and its people are valuable assets. We help organizations build effective support systems, resulting in streamlined business operations through comprehensive capacity building based on international best practices.

How We Do

AAN Associates has considerable experience in undertaking a systematic analysis of the role and function of institutions and building and developing institutional capacity as a foundation for sound resource management and environmental policies. Our methods include empathy-building, observation, prototyping and scaling and storytelling—all of which can be used to design new strategies, programs, services, products, and communications. Our capabilities include the following;

✔ Participatory institutional and organisational assessments/ development
✔ Formulation of organisational development frameworks
✔ Construction of human resource development frameworks

✔ Networking and promotion of human development strategies and tools
✔ Evaluation of institutional development frameworks using international best practices or UN/OECD stipulated guidelines


2021Development of Training Manuals in Alignment with the updated Training Needs for the Promotion Trainings for Local Council Service Employees (PUGF) in KPGIZ PakistanPakistan
2017-2018Revision of existing manual and Development of new manual of WSSP (Peshawar)DAI(Development Alternatives Incorporated) PeshawarPakistan
2015-2016Production of Enactment based Training Videos & Visual Handbooks on Inter-personal Communication for Frontline Polio Workers of Government of PakistanUNICEF PakistanPakistan
2012Developed and implemented Multiple Training on behalf of Punjab Disaster Management Authority/UNICEF for Public Sector and Civil Society Organization's Staff on 'Child Protection in Emergencies' Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Punjab, UNICEF PakistanPakistan

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