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About Us

Who We Are

AAN Associates is a development consulting firm with global outreach. Since its establishment in 2007, AAN Associates has provided exceptional consulting and support services to its clients (i.e. valued partners). AAN works with development partners to seek lasting solutions to humanitarian and development challenges driven by a determination to demonstrate excellence and innovation.

Over the years, AAN has become a brand offering premier consulting solutions. In particular, AAN is considered a practice lead for development and humanitarian evaluations. Our global footprint and extensive research/evaluation experience has enabled us to produce an outstanding track record of delivering practical and distinctive evaluations.



AAN Associates Profile

AAN has successfully delivered on more than 110 professional assignments across 24 countries from the East Asia and the Pacific, South & West Asia, North Africa, East and South Africa, West Africa and the Middle East.
Further, AAN operates as an organisation that has a vast and dynamic network of 1300+ partners and consultants spread out globally with diversified professional backgrounds and outreach. These partners include development firms, think tanks, universities and non-profit organisations. The unflinching faith of the trusted partners and associates has enabled AAN to deliver on consulting endeavours globally.AAN also has a pool of distinguished professionals with thematic and functional expertise that come and work with AAN to help deliver on our promise of quality.
Additionally, AAN has long-term agreements (LTAs) with UN agencies (UNICEF and WFP), which place AAN amongst the pre-qualified vendors for evaluations globally.
In recent years, AAN Associates has sustainably expanded across multi-sectors and countries. This appreciable portfolio growth testifies our recognition as the ‘Trusted Partner’ and encourages long-term relationships with our clients. Our ability to continually adapt to global industry best practices richly sustains our commendable portfolio growth and allows us to sail unchartered waters successfully
AAN Associates has invested heavily in building institutional resources and systems in the last few years. And, today, we have robust management and operations systems well in place, which have enabled us to deliver high-quality projects efficiently and consistently. These systems have allowed AAN to set benchmarks for the highest quality service delivery, achieve excellence and take pride in what we do. We constantly explore and implement best practices and standards to improve our service delivery mechanisms.


Since its establishment in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 2007, AAN Associates has been providing exceptional consulting and support services to its clients (whom we refer to as our valued partners). AAN has witnessed a sustained growth in its portfolio (services and functional areas) and the unparalleled journey continues. Our national and regional footprint has witnessed phenomenal increase whereby AAN has so far implemented projects in over 24 countries including but not limited to Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Guinea, Niger, Mali, Guinea Bissau, Chad, Central African Republic, Tanzania, Angola, Uganda, Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Cambodia.

Over the years, AAN has built a network of national and international associates and partners, which has helped in expansion  of our outreach and sustained growth.

In last few years, AAN Associates has invested on building institutional resources and systems. Today, we have robust management and operations systems in place, which have successfully led to our efficient, consistent and quality delivery of projects. These systems have enabled AAN to set benchmarks for quality service delivery and achieve excellence and take pride in what we do. We are always on the hunt to explore and implement new practices and standards  to further improve our service delivery mechanism.

Today, AAN Associates is recognized as growing enterprise nationally as well as internationally. This is because of our best practices that we have earned the reputation of premier consultants, able to deliver high quality services.

Our vision

To be a leading development firm with a global portfolio of projects and partners that provides knowledge-based, innovative and lasting solutions to development and humanitarian challenges.

Our Mission

Work collaboratively with development partners to;

  • Seek evidence-driven innovative and sustainable knowledge solutions to development and humanitarian challenges
  • Demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and service excellence

We Believe

A 360-degree perspective is required to address complex human development needs

Sustainability comes from building the capacity of individuals, communities and countries to address their needs

The key to improving lives is in generating, sharing and applying knowledge

Partnering with governments, civil society organizations, private sector and communities leads to success

Corporate ValuesIntegrity Vision

Strive for services excellence, demonstrating professionalism and integrity

Harness the power of creativity, out of the box thinking and innovation to address dynamic development and humanitarian challenges

Strive to uphold individual dignity and maintain respect for oneself, others, property, authority and the cultures, societies and environmental ecologies we work within

Promote a culture of collaboration and encourage learning/development for everyone involved

Build relationships on clear communication, trust and mutual respect with clients, partners and associates

Enable & encourage staff, consultants and partners to work smart, demonstrate utmost flexibility and deliver best under pressure

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