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Research & Assessment


Research breeds informed action by synthesising facts, empirical and assessable evidence, and acquired knowledge. This activity is an essential function of assessments, evaluations and contextualised programme development.

AAN specialises in formulating contextually relevant research methodology and efficient data management practices. We assess and address the nature of the undertaking, remain sensitive to the people involved and always meet the client’s requirements.

Our team and panel of highly experienced experts are skilled in using various quantitative and qualitative methods. As a standard practice, we triangulate all findings for accuracy and reliability. This rigorous approach ensures accurate data collection across challenging environments, formats and mediums of data collection.

We help our clients assess policy, development, and market issues affecting short-term and long-term goals, bringing our depth of the industry and functional expertise to each assignment.


✔ Designing action research
✔ Policy research
✔ Socio-economic and geographic profiling
✔ Large volume surveys (programmatic and market)
✔Research methodologies, strategies and tool development
✔ Mix-method studies

✔ Sector and market-based situation analysis
✔ Data classification and standardisation
✔ Data cleaning, processing and tabulations
✔ Data entry and validation
✔ Interactive data entry systems

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