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Social Responsibility


We take social responsibility seriously as we often work at the centre of environmental, safety and sustainability challenges. Therefore, AAN commits to being a ‘Responsible Social Enterprise’ primarily since we deal with governance, inclusive development, human rights issues, social impact, poverty, exclusion, sustainability and environment, among other sectors.

We offer our clients simple, relevant and sustainable development solutions that help improve the quality of life in the beneficiary community. Our advice and enabling support helps our development partners to advocate pro-inclusion policies and services to ensure sustainable solutions to complex human impact and resource management challenges.

We take this responsibility seriously because AAN’s work often places us at the centre of our clients’ environmental, safety and sustainability challenges. We have a determined belief in maintaining our technical objectivity to provide straightforward solutions to these challenges, and, that is why, we have earned a distinctive reputation for technical objectivity.

Additionally, we support our staff and those in need by;

  • Establishing a COVID-19 fund for dealing with treatment and impact of COVID-19 for people in need
  • Forming an educational grant for qualifying students
  • Providing support to families for healthcare
  • Supporting families in managing life-changing events such as death and critical sickness

Health & Safety

Businesses need to regularly conduct assessments that identify hazards and risks within the workplace. Managing working health and safety is an essential part of operating a business, and thus, effectively controlling all operations to ensure a secure and healthy work environment.

We recognise that people form the foundation of our business, and, therefore, their workplace safety is our top priority. Our written health & safety program supports, endorsed and monitored by the executive management, includes the following;

  • We encourage our teams to adopt and implement ergonomic best practices in the office and the field
  • We support employees in scheduling, when possible, the most challenging tasks for when they are most alert such as early morning or after a break
  • AAN’s safety guidelines discourage employees from taking unnecessary risks in the field
  • We encourage our teams to maintain a clean and organised workspace by consciously promoting positive energy
  • Staff is encouraged to take breaks as and when needed, depending on individual needs
  • We appreciate and promote our active employee participation in managing health and safety in the office and the field


AAN’s future vision is to incorporate the concepts of sustainability more purposefully into its daily operations and follow the ‘United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development’ goal to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. On a daily basis and on a global scale, our work plays a direct role in helping achieve the balance that will allow future generations to access the necessary resources to meet their needs. In order to help the planet to sustain its current resources, we encourage double sided printing, used papers’ shredding, controlled use of electricity and promote the use of renewable energy options. We also fund the education of our employees’ children.

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