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Third Party Monitoring


Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) is essential for any modern development and risk management strategy. This process helps organisations achieve expected outputs more consistently and effectively when implemented correctly.

At AAN, we have the right attitude, chemistry, and local connectivity to succeed. We take the time to understand the internal dynamics of the programme or project under observation. Our team’s collective experience and coordination enable us to work effectively.

Monitoring informs planning and serves as an early warning system. Therefore, we deliver meticulously designed monitoring systems that aid in practical planning and decision-making. Without such mechanisms, mere assumptions form the basis for course correction and future planning.

Further, we are equally comfortable adopting donor specified tools and frameworks and developing our own. We remain realistic in our approach, considering client-side and company-side constraints.


✔ Review, analysis and guidelines for aid effectiveness and results-based management
✔ Monitoring & evaluation framework tools development

✔ Sector and outcome monitoring and reporting
✔ Tracking and process indicator development
✔ Developing onsite and remote monitoring systems and practices

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