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Resource Mobilisation & Programme/Project Development


A programme/project’s success often lies in resources (i.e. time, money, skills), mobilisation efficiency and effectiveness and the ability to use them. AAN is skilled in enabling the process of marshalling resources from the resource provider, using various mechanisms, to implement a development partner’s or an organisation’s predetermined goals.

Given our global presence and expansive network, we can promptly gather the necessary goods, services, and human resources and at the right price. Our professional team effectively builds the necessary alliances with those in power and refines the organisational structure to support our development partner’s objectives.


✔ Experience in bi/multilateral donor organisation programming processes
✔ Resource mobilisation for programme and project implementation
✔ Drafting strategies with a consultative approach
✔ Participatory planning and partnership building

✔ Impact and result-focused strategic planning
✔ Results-based management and reporting
✔ Programme development and change management
✔ Programme effectiveness analysis
✔ Development of knowledge management systems

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