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Policy and Programmatic Evaluations


Evaluations are one of AAN’s key service delivery areas because it is a crucial step in knowledge management, benchmarking and identifying measures for moving forward, particularly in the case of socio-economic development initiatives. Using our decades of experience of this practice in the development/non-profit sector, we have also developed similar frameworks for the commercial industry based on our best practices and the lessons learnt.

Policy and Programmatic Evaluations, although critical, often go underappreciated either due to inappropriate resource allocation or a lack of emphasis. However, AAN’s extensive model of development auditing has, over time, become an independent functional practice. We inculcate an evaluative mindset in day-to-day operations and ensure quality assurance at all levels.


✔ Preparation of programme logical frameworks and theory of change
✔ Results and performance indicator formulation
✔ Development of evaluation mechanisms aligned to Return on Investment ✔ (ROI), Social Return on Investment (SROI) and cost-benefit analysis
✔ Risk assessment and mitigation framework development
✔ Rapid appraisals

✔ Baseline and end-line assessments
✔ Impact evaluations
✔ Desk-based reviews and assessments
✔ Participatory beneficiary assessments and rural appraisals
✔ Review of guidelines for aid effectiveness
✔ Construct and implement results-based management frameworks
✔ Preparation of risk analysis and assumption mapping

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