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Policy and Programmatic Evaluations


Evaluations are one of AAN’s key service delivery areas because it is a crucial step in knowledge management, benchmarking and identifying measures for moving forward. Policy evaluation contributes to promoting public accountability, learning and increased public sector effectiveness through improved decision-making. Program evaluation answers basic questions about a program’s effectiveness, and evaluation data can be used to improve program services

How We Do

Using our extensive experiences in this field AAN has developed evaluation frameworks for the commercial industry however our forte lies in Policy and Programmatic Evaluations. We instill an evaluative mindset in day-to-day operations and ensure quality assurance at all levels. Our capabilities include the following;

✔ Preparation of programme logical frameworks and theory of change
✔ Results and performance indicator formulation
✔ Development of evaluation mechanisms aligned to Return on Investment (ROI), Social Return on Investment (SROI) and cost-benefit analysis
✔ Risk assessment and mitigation framework development
✔ Rapid appraisals
✔ Baseline and end-line assessments
✔ Formative/ Summative evaluations

✔ Impact evaluations
✔ Desk-based reviews and assessments
✔ Participatory beneficiary assessments and rural appraisals
✔ Review of guidelines for aid effectiveness
✔ Construct and implement results-based management frameworks
✔ Preparation of risk analysis and assumption mapping


2021-2022Summative Evaluation of the Digital Birth Registration (DBR) ProgrammeUNICEF PakistanPakistan
2021-2022Endline Evaluation of the Developing Human Capital in Rwanda Programme (DHCR)UNICEF RwandaRwanda
2020-2021Formative Evaluation of the Saudi Arabia Domestic Violence Prevention ProgrammeUNICEF Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia

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