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Evaluation & Quality Assurance Manager

Evaluation & Quality Assurance Manager

AAN Associates is an international development consultancy based in Pakistan. AAN is currently working in over 24 countries globally. AAN is looking for Evaluation & Quality Assurance Manager with the following requirements:


Key tasks and responsibilities

  1. Support/guide Project Teams (PTs comprising Managers, Officers, Associates, Sector Expert and PMO team) to review the research/evaluation TORs; evaluation proposals (for which contracts are awarded) to help achieve common understanding around consulting expectations; and explain AAN’s internal processes and systems for projects delivery;
  2. Together with PMO team, guide/review the PTs put together evaluation work plans; resource plans; and budgets, route through Director/Head of Department (D/HoD) PMU, and present to COO/MD for final approval;
  3. Together with PMO team, guide PTs to initiate kick-off meeting/s and participate (where required) with the clients and where required seek clarifications around evaluation expectations and management:
  4. Guide and moderate session/s with PTs to understand evaluation objectives and questions (as listed in the TORs/Proposals) as to enable PTs to develop first cut of Evaluation Matrix (EM), share constructive feedback and enable finalization to be able to share with the client;
  5. Enable and train PTs to produce Draft/Final Inception Report/s (including reporting templates and assessment tools such as GEROS); Evaluation Tools; Analysis Plans; Field Staff Training Package; and critically review and improve the draft and final products;
  6. Guide/support PT to understand and then assemble the documentation for ethical approval application/s, help with submission and addressing feedback;
  7. Enable PTs to run field training and where required facilitate/moderate sessions;
  8. Guide and train PTs to understand and implement AAN’s quality assurance protocols (data quality checks) for field data collection, consolidation and transfer to AAN;
  9. Guide and train PTs on data analysis and assembly into ‘Findings Matrix’ ; organize internal review session; enable improvements and then prepare team (and where appropriate participate with PMO team) for client presentation/briefing and validation sessions;
  10. Guide and enable PTs to produce draft/final Evaluation Report (ERs) and other end products such as policy briefs, final Ppt, and review critically, edit/improve and share thoughts on improving the report before processing for internal review and clients’ review/approval;
  11. Work together with PTs/PMO on assignment closure documentation including lessons learnt and share ideas with PMO team for improving AAN’s evaluation management practices and tools (EPM, EPM Training Package, and others);
  12. Support PMO in setting templates, standards and other documentation for consistent and quality delivery of projects in future


  1. Masters’ degree from a reputable university, preferably from International recognized institutes.
  2. At least Ten (10) years with 6 years of relevant/similar work experience, preferably in evaluations of social/development sector initiatives.
  3. Prior knowledge of quality assurance mechanisms for evaluations applied by UN agencies.

Preferred Skills:

  1. Excellent/strong standards of verbal and written English
  2. Strong Projects Planning and Management Skills
  3. Self-starter, Multi-tasker & resilient to work under multi-sectoral/cultural teams
  4. Computer proficiency (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, relevant software),
  5. Strong interpersonal, listening, and problem-solving skills
  6. Efficient in meeting commitments and tight deadlines in achieving results
  7. Ability to plan and organize work by identifying priority activities and adjusting priorities as required