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Policy and Strategic Planning


From defining vision and mission statements to strategic and work planning, we provide step-by-step guidance to our clients in implementing an effective and realistic organisational strategy.

Most organizations are dissatisfied with the way they develop strategy. They see their approach as too rigid, bureaucratic, reactive and disconnected from execution. Even more troubling, they doubt their process can see around the bend to reveal the big and disruptive opportunities that drive long-term value creation.

At the heart of these concerns is the misconception that strategic planning is just about annual budgets and five-year plans. These traditional planning approaches work well in stable and relatively predictable sectors but stability is less and less the norm.

Other strategic environments call for different approaches that match the clock speed of planning to that of the market. They also call for fresh approaches. When done right, strategic planning yields not only better plans but also a leadership team better prepared to react disruptions, a stronger strategy team and a greater organizational engagement and alignment around the strategy.


✔ Strategic planning
✔ Intervention strategy & programming
✔ Annual and multi-year intervention frameworks
✔ Integrated programme development frameworks
✔ Development road-map detailing and compilations
✔ Local & regional development strategy
✔ Organisation design
✔ Transformation and change management
✔ Organisation effectiveness analysis

✔ Organisation and business unit design
✔ Role definition and systems integration
✔ Development and review of policies, procedures and processes
✔ Development and implementation of organisation-wide knowledge management systems
✔ Human resource management and development
✔ Individual, group and enterprise performance management
✔ Stakeholder analysis
✔ Partnerships and networking

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