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AAN Profile

AAN Associates operates as a social enterprise where work is driven by motivation to enable partners to explore innovative and sustainable solutions to the development challenges.

Established as a social enterprise, AAN Associates enables development partners to find simple, innovate and cost-efficient & sustainable solutions to the development challenges. AAN’s core values drive its work, which distinguishes its recognition as a ‘Trusted Partner’.

AAN has a wide network of partners and associates spread across continents, which include universities, specialized research entities, think-tanks, non-profit organization, consultants/consulting entities and others. The strong network has enabled AAN take on work and deliver it successfully by leveraging network partners’ presence and resources across the continents and countries.

AAN Associates Best Evaluations 2019-21


Since its establishment in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 2007, AAN Associates has been providing exceptional consulting and support services to its clients (whom we refer to as our valued partners). AAN has witnessed a sustained growth in its portfolio (services and functional areas) and the unparalleled journey continues. Our national and regional footprint has witnessed phenomenal increase whereby AAN has so far implemented projects in over 22 countries including but not limited to Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Guinea, Niger, Mali, Guinea Bissau, Chad, Central African Republic, Tanzania, Angola, Uganda, Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Over the years, AAN has built a network of national and international associates and partners, which has helped in expansion of our outreach and sustained growth. In last few years, AAN Associates has invested on building institutional resources and systems. Today, we have robust management and operations systems in place, which have successfully led to our efficient, consistent and quality delivery of projects. These systems have enabled AAN to set benchmarks for quality service delivery and achieve excellence and take pride in what we do. We are always on the hunt to explore and implement new practices and standards to further improve our service delivery mechanism.

Today, AAN Associates is recognized as growing enterprise nationally as well as internationally. This is because of our best practices that we have earned the reputation of premier consultants, able to deliver high quality services.