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Growth, capacity building of employees augment organizations output: Survey

Emplyees are considered to be the most vital elements for the success of any business or organization. As an organization plans strategically for future growth, employee engagement and productivity shoots to the top of the list. Encouragment of learning opportunities, performance based incentives, career trajectory, effective communication and flexible timing are all motivators that serve to improve productivity at workplace.

A recently conducted online poll shows that growth and capacity building are among the major drivers of development in any organization. 38 % of the respondents who took part in the survey voted for focusing on the growth and capacity building of employees, something which was vital for their own development as well as increasing the overall output of the organization. Capacity building focuses on enhancing employees organizational abilities in line with modern day requirements for implementing strategic programs. Providing employees learning opportunities such as; internships, formal training, development, exposure, coaching courses, etc. strengthens their skillset and improves requisite knowledge and expertise, which leads to organizational competitiveness.

Flexible work timings and work-from-home options have seen a rapidly growing demand, particularly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, making it easier for employees to adopt a healthy work-life balance. As many as 32% of the poll participants highlighted that flexible office timings improve employee outputs and allows them to deliver outputs more diligently. It is helpful in reducing stress and burnout, increases morale and motivation, establishes effective communication channels, reduces sick days, improves turnover and sustains a healthy work culture in an organization. Giving employees greater control over their start and finish times can give a significant boost to their overall morale.

Perks and benefits to employees do more than just helping out the recruitment process as they make existing employees more productive. As many as 27% of the survey participants voted that offering benefits to the dedicated and deserving boosts organizational productivity. It’s an equation with a fairly simple solution: using rewards and recognition programs are instrumental in increasing employee productivity. Rewarding employees for a job well done inspires them to work harder and be more productive.The remaining 4% of the participants cited various other factors such as organziation culture, recognition of efforts and workplace environment for organizational effectiveness as motivators.