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Governance, Rule of Law and Human Rights

What We Do

Human rights are the fundamental rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. These principles apply regardless of an individual’s origin, beliefs and practices. Despite that there is an ‘implementation gap’ of human rights on the global scale for a myriad of reasons. Ineffective governance structures and weak rule of law are among the main contributors for the human rights violations we have seen in recent years.

Since its inception, AAN has made efforts to help develop and transition countries in establishing systems and institutions for democratic and accountable governance systems, which are essential for equitable economic growth, social development, protection of human rights and security. Our multi-disciplinary team and extensive experience allows us to help build the skills and knowledge of our partners to induce meaningful democratic reforms and sustainable development.


2021-2022Summative Evaluation of the Digital Birth Registration (DBR) ProgrammeUNICEF PakistanPakistan
2021-2022Endline Evaluation of the Developing Human Capital in Rwanda Programme (DHCR)UNICEF RwandaRwanda
2020-2021Formative Evaluation of the Saudi Arabia Domestic Violence Prevention ProgrammeUNICEF Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
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