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Employee Well-being at AAN

According to a survey by Virgin Pulse, one of the world’s top platforms for employee health and wellbeing, 85% of companies state employee wellness programs critically bolster their engagement, improve functioning and increase ownership and association of employees with the organization. These various wellbeing plans provide them with flexibility, relief from financial stress and making offices more “homely,” which result in improved service delivery. Simple tasks such as recognizing the hard work of employees, establishing seamless communication channels, enabling easy collaboration, giving regular and timely feedback and showing compassion & empathy towards employee issues have all been proven to improve employee morale/motivation and in turn, employee wellbeing.

Following a people centric approach, AAN Associates implements sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life of its workforce. It takes particular care for the health and wellbeing of its employees. Besides offering a conducive and enabling work environment, AAN Associates is a highly gender-sensitive organization where employees feel safe and secure from physical harassment, mental stress and/or financial stress to deliver their best. AAN fosters an enabling environment that offers challenging yet rewarding work where employees interact directly with partners on projects and programmes of all kind. AAN truly understands the importance of employee welfare and the need for maintaining work-life balance.  Under company policy, benefits are available to all AAN fixed term, full time and part time employees

As a result of these policies and benefits, AAN has enabled each and every one of its individuals to consider themselves as an invaluable part of the team, who  further collaborate with clients to achieve the most cost-effective and sustainable solutions for their projects and programmes. AAN encourages employees to explore new technologies, ideas and business trends that contribute to their personal and professional development while remaining aligned to the organization’s overall goals and objectives. This is only because of the AAN’ organizational wellness, mutual respect, dignity, dynamic culture and workforce inclusiveness that helps it refine and improve its methods and the quality of services it provide to the valued partners.