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Education Planning and Management

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Few factors play as pivotal a role as education when it comes to enabling the overall development of not only children but also affecting the economcy and society of countries on a whole. Unfortunately, many children either remain outside the school system or drop out within the first few years. Remote technologies and data-driven solutions have transformed the educational landscape by granting global access even to marginalised children.

AAN has actively participated in developing and supporting education reforms in transitional and developing countries in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Our work includes offering advice on reforming education systems, targeted initiatives to improve education provision quality and more effective education financing, both by the governments and the donor communities. We also have significant education reform experience in challenging and conflict-affected environments and have designed and supported major vocational education programmes in India and Bangladesh.


2021-2022Formative Evaluation of Provincial ALP Models and CentresUNICEF PakistanPakistan
2021-2022Endline Evaluation of the Developing Human Capital in Rwanda Programme (DHCR)UNICEF RwandaRwanda
2021Development of Training Manuals in Alignment with the updated Training Needs for the Promotion Trainings for Local Council Service Employees (PUGF) in KPGIZ PakistanPakistan
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