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Behaviour Change Communication


AAN possesses extensive experience in evaluating and developing communication strategies that promote and foster positive social change and behaviour. Our Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) strategies and models rely on robust applied research and extensive fieldwork, particularly in rural communities. This achievement empowers AAN in working anywhere while understanding social norms and perception of change in all work settings.

All development agencies and governments realise the value of strategic communication for behaviour and social change. AAN remains informed of these guidelines, and we have incorporated the same within our work and services.

Our panel of experts enables AAN to offer Communication For Development (C4D) services and evaluation of communication systems, strategies, products, customer training and support services.


✔ Evaluation of C4D strategies and BCC tools
✔ Review of societal behaviour change requirements

✔ Assessment of communication channels and strategies
✔ Development of contextually customised BCC messages and approaches
✔ C4D Theory of Change development

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