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AAN Associates has been awarded a contract by UNICEF Pakistan for carrying out a Formative Evaluation of Provincial ALP Models and Centres. This is our 20th assignment for UNICEF Pakistan and the assignment entails carrying out a performance assessment of Provincial ALP Models and Centres

UNICEF Saudi Arbia Data Collection Completion

A step forward to complete our journey in Saudi Arabia! AAN Associates has accomplished a milestone of completion of data collection for the “Formative Evaluation of Saudi Arabia Domestic Violence Prevention Programme.” The collected data will be analyzed to measure impact of the programme in

Completion of UNICEF Zimbabwe

AAN Team has successfully completed the Summative Evaluation of the Joint Programme of UNICEF & FAO captioned “Accelerated Community Actions for Reducing Stunting in Zimbabwe,” which was implemented from January 2017 to September 2020. The evaluation underlines the merits of multi-pronged and multi-sectoral approaches in

3rd Week of Angola’s Field Work!!!

Week three of Angola’s field work concluded effectively with the “National Reflection Workshop” held with the key stakeholders. AAN is determined for the further activities yet to be accomplished in the Field.