Research and publications

For every decision we have ever taken, we applied rigorous research methods to collect the right data, process it, and analyse from different aspects before arriving at the final decision. 

For any strategy to be effective, it has to be based upon extensive research and analysis of the frame conditions. We help our clients in assessing policy, development and market issues affecting short-term and long-term goals, bringing both our depth of industry and functional expertise to each assignment. We specialise in qualitative as well as quantitative methods of research. Complimented by our M&E, data management and technology solutions practices, we deliver meaningful and cutting-edge research projects.


  • Socio-economic and geographic profiling
  • Research methodology and process design
  • Development of research instruments and guidelines
  • Sample surveys
  • Market surveys
  • Large volume surveys
  • Census
  • Qualitative studies
  • Statistical analysis and report writing
  • Sector and market based situation analysis
  • Action research
  • Policy research and analysis

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Year Title
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Knowledge Documentation of Best Practices in Post-disasters Recovery
Legal and Policy Review of Child Protection Laws and Policies
Child Rights Situation Analysis in Urban Areas of Karachi
Advocacy Strategy for Child Centred Disaster Risk Reduction
Politico-Economic Analysis of Health System
Budgetary Analysis of Nutrition Support within Provincial Budgets
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Gendering of Flood Early Warning Systems in Pakistan
Floods Impact on Millennium Development Goals
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