Monitoring and evaluation

At the core of all our services, monitoring and evaluation is a habit. We practice regular monitoring in our day-to-day operations and are the strictest of evaluators of our own work. 

Although M&E is a fundamental and one of the most critical functions in the management of organisations, programmes and projects, our experience shows that this is usually the most ineffective function as well, owing to a variety of factors ranging from inappropriate resource allocation to lack of emphasis. Our model of development auditing is so extensive that it turned into an independent functional practice over time.

A well-defined, proactive M&E system is also an effective planning and decision-making tool. Without such mechanisms in place, mere assumptions form the basis for course correction and future planning. In fact, planning and monitoring are so entwined that it usually becomes difficult to determine where one leaves off and the other begins. M&E is also a crucial step in knowledge management, benchmarking and the identification of next steps particularly in the case of socio-economic development initiatives. Using our extensive experience of this practice in the development/non-profit sector, we have also developed similar frameworks for the commercial sector based on our lessons learned and best practices.


  • Review, analysis and guidelines for aid effectiveness and results-based management
  • Logical Framework Approach
  • M&E framework development
  • Baseline assessments
  • Impact evaluations
  • Process monitoring
  • Progress, performance, input, output and outcome monitoring and reporting
  • Development, results and performance indicators
  • Periodic project evaluations
  • Internal and external M&E
  • Return on Investment (ROI), Social Return on Investment (SROI), Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness analysis
  • Rapid appraisals
  • Desk-based reviews and evaluations
  • Participatory rural appraisals
  • Beneficiary assessments
  • Participatory monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Risk mitigation and management frameworks
  • Development risk analysis and assumption mapping

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