Aemal Khan

Project Coordinator

Aemal holds an MA degree in Sustainable Economic Development from the University for Peace, a UN mandated educational facility and a BSc in Economics and Finance from Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan. His interests are data mining and usage, Research Methodology and Sampling design, Data Analysis, and Big Data for policy analysis and sustainable economic development. Currently, he is currently, working on UNICEF Programme “Impact Evaluation of Birth Registration in Nigeria”. He has also worked on other International Projects by UNICEF Indonesia (WASH), Viet Nam (WASH) and Philippines (Child Education). Prior to that, Aemal had worked as a Data Management Support - Consultant with United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF, Bangkok – Thailand). He worked on CleanStart Project and wrote a diagnostic report on data of financial service providers of Nepal. He also worked and mined the data of Cambodian MFIs with UN Pulse Lab, Indonesia.