Health and Nutrition

We have very strong focus on provision of access to quality healthcare in an efficient and consistent manner and according to needs, working on hygiene and nutrition, immunization and health systems, and family planning. 

Related Projects

Year Title
Evaluation of Infant, Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Programme in Yemen
Evaluation of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition in Yemen
End-line Evaluation of the Health Development Fund (HDF) Zimbabwe 2016-2020
Final Evaluation of the “Accelerated Community Actions for Reducing Stunting in Zimbabwe”
Multi-country Evaluation of the Community Health Programme/Strategy in Central African Republic, Chad and Guinea-Bissau
M&E System Strengthening in the Public Sector and Engaging Academia in Evidence Generation
Formative Evaluation of Family Connect Programme Uganda
Long Term Arrangment by UNICEF ESARO for Country Programme, Country Thematic and Multi-country Evaluations for Next 3 years
Bridging Gap Between Demand and Supply Pertinent to SRHR Components in Islamabad
Production of Enactment-based Training Videos and Visual Handbooks on Inter-personal Communication for Polio Workers
Baseline Survey for School Based Menstrual Hygiene Management
Development of 'Menstrual Hygiene Source Book' for WaterAid Pakistan and Civil Society Partners
Causes for Low Immunization Coverage in High Risk Districts of Punjab
Event Management and Report Writing for Child Health Now seminar
Politico-Economic Analysis of Health System
Budgetary Analysis of Nutrition Support within Provincial Budgets
Gender Budget Analysis for Reproductive Health
Post 2010 Floods Health Damage and Needs Assessment