Social Responsibility

We take social responsibility seriously because our work is often at the center of environmental, safety, and sustainability challenges.

AAN cherishes the value and its commitment to come across as a ‘Responsible Social Enterprise'. Social responsibility is at the core of our work and practices, and it becomes even more relevant for the fact that we deal with issues of governance and human rights, social impact, poverty and exclusion, sustainability, environment and others.


At AAN, we strive to offer (to our clients) simpler, relevant, and sustainable solutions that help improve quality of life. Our advice and support has enabled range of development partners to effectively advocate pro-inclusion policies and services, and demonstrate sustainable solutions to complex human impact and resources management challenges. We take this responsibility seriously because AAN's work often places us at the center of our clients' environmental, safety, and sustainability challenges.


To provide solutions to these challenges, we believe in maintaining our technical objectivity and have earned our reputation for technical objectivity.


Some of our flagship activities demonstrating out commitment to social responsibility are as under:

Health and Safety

At AAN, our employees are the foundation of our business, and safety is a priority at all worksites. Our Health & Safety processes are vital and integral to our work. The following principles provide the framework as we continue to strive for zero incident performance:

  • Management commitment
  • Clearly communicated roles and responsibilities
  • Allocation of sufficient resources
  • Systems and processes that integrate health and safety with operations
  • Appropriate training
  • Active employee participation

These principles are supported in our written Health & Safety program, which is endorsed and monitored by our executive management team.

AAN employees accept responsibility and accountability for safety planning and ensure that safety measures are implemented. We actively work to prevent incidents by regularly evaluating performance and taking the actions necessary for continual improvement.


AAN's vision of the future is to incorporate the concepts of sustainability more fully into our daily operations and to follow the 'United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development' goal to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

 On a daily basis and on a global scale, our work plays a direct role in helping to achieve the balance that will allow future generations to access the necessary resources to meet all of their needs. In order to help the planet to retain its current resources, we encourage double printing, shredding, controlled use of electricity and use of renewable energy.

       Apart from that, we appreciate and incentivize the continuous learning of our staff by offering cash prizes and time compensation on learning activities. We also fund the education of our employees' children.