Asher Osman Khan

Sr. Manager Projects Management and Quality Assurance (PMU)

A professional with over 20 years of experience in diverse business development and consulting, and project management with strong expertise in governance, quality assurance, managing project lifecycles, and data analytics in corporate and development sector projects. His expertise includes ensuring the quality of research reports and other deliverables for agencies such as USAID, DFID/FCDO, US DoD, and US DHS (FEMA), while executing programs in terms of contractual compliance related to clients/subcontractors and various bilateral/multi-lateral IPs. His portfolio includes negotiating, executing, and ensuring amenability of all contracts; examining deliverables/field reports to verify their completeness and conformity to contractual requirements; and advising project teams regarding their obligations.


His role allows the team to optimize the use of resources; ensure the accuracy/reliability of data used in the preparation of various deliverables, and minimize losses caused by re-work during executions. He implements policies to encourage teams to report suspected variances; respond promptly to all detected inconsistencies and develop corrective actions; and report on a regular basis to the project stakeholders on the progress of implementation. His expertise consists of having an understanding of policies, procedures, and standards of conduct; developing quality assurance metrics to improve the performance of all teams; and conducting internal monitoring and quality checks.