AAN has a dedicated team of staff with distinctive training and professional profile. Our core team members have been trained and worked in Asia, Americas, Europe and Africa. We seek support from consultants and field resources for project based work. AAN has a ‘Consultants Roster’ with over 500 national and international distinguished experts, and it continues to expand.

The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to exceed expectations of our partners. This underpins our continuous efforts to identify, absorb, and develop the exceptional talents of our team. AAN takes pride in providing an ‘eco-system’ to nurture the competencies and skills to produce ‘Knowledge Leaders’ for tomorrow.

AAN puts into the practice the talent development approach, whereby we are identifying, recruiting and developing our people, regardless of where they are based. The larger eco-system in which this approach is practiced, enables these people to get absorbed, and start delivering as a team.


AAN draws on the pool of consultants available in the form of ‘AAN’s Consultants Roster’. The roster includes exceptionally talented and distinguished experts both national and international. These include seasoned leaders, academicians, sector experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, trainers, and others. These consultants become part of AAN’s team to enable resolve development challenges. This enables AAN to provide tailored solutions to the development challenges while leveraging the diversity of expertise, experiences, gender, and outlook of our consultants.

Core Team

Nadeem Haider

Managing Director

Asmat Gill

Senior Manager Project Management Unit

Asher Osman Khan

Sr. Manager Projects Management and Quality Assurance (PMU)

Faisal Shahzad

Manager - Project Development Unit

Musa Badar

Coordinator - Project Development Unit

Jawad Khan

Research Associates - Project Management Unit