AAN Values

AAN’s work is driven by the core values that define the ethos and identity of AAN. These include working with change leaders, service excellence through network, client capacity development, innovative and sustainable solutions, building bonds-from clients to partners, respect and integrity.

Inspire Innovation & Enable Change Leaders

Inspiration to innovate and enabling change leaders -in their work- is one of the core values that drive our work at AAN. We work to inspire ‘Out of Box Thinking’ to enable leaders embrace innovation driven change. We work with these change leaders to turn challenges into solutions which are simple, innovative, and easy to implement. We work to create ownership from within by keeping them engaged throughout to help partners/clients embrace change and innovation to enable sustainable change.

Service excellence through network

Our partners, associates, and consultants are our strength. The network enables us to leverage complementarities and comparative strengths, broaden our services, mobilize human resources, and use contextual understanding in operations. 

Client capacity development

We work together with our clients to inspire and innovate, while underpinning it with building capacities of our clients to enable them to absorb and adapt for sustained growth.

Innovative and sustainable solutions

Our efforts are guided by simplicity, relevance, and scalability.

Building bonds – from clients to partners

We work with the intent to exceed expectations and build a relationship as partners. We work with the intent to invest in cultivating trust, respect and mutual benefit to transform traditional ‘Client-Service provider’ relationship into ‘Partnership’.

Maintaining Respect and Integrity

We ‘value’ and make sincere efforts to demonstrate the respect for communities, people, cultures and environment that we work in and interact with. We are committed to and do utmost to ensure professional honesty, neutrality and integrity and observe zero tolerance to bribery, corruption and unethical behaviour.