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AAN ASSOCIATES is Development & Communications Consulting Firm, with Offices in Islamabad, Pakistan (Asia Office) and Oslo, Norway (Europe Office). The entity was established in 2007 and operated as Sole Proprietary until late 2013. Later it evolved into Association of Person or Firm and continues to operate as Registered Firm under Partnership Act 1932 (Pakistan) since 2014.

AAN Associates operates as a Social Enterprise, where the work is driven by motivation to facilitate and enable development partners to explore innovative, sustainable and contextually relevant solutions to development challenges. For this we consider ourselves as Partners in knowledge innovation.

AAN Associates has seen significant growth in the portfolio over last few years, which is both humbling and inspirational. The success has made us look for new models and approaches for sustainable growth in portfolio. Simultaneously, AAN Associates is charting new territories to further broaden our portfolio and profile.

One key element of our growth strategy is to form partnerships and alliances with organizations that share our values and bring comparative advantages. AAN Associates has formed a broad network of associates and partners including but not limited to, development and management consulting entities, non-profit organizations, think tanks, academic, and research organizations. The network of partners and associates is available both regionally (Asia), Scandinavia and nationally. Networking and partnerships brings added value in terms of our ability to mobilize resources (experts in particular) quickly, offer wide spectrum of consulting services, deliver quality results and draw on the local presence (including context awareness) of our associates and partners to operate in relatively unstable and challenging environments. Moreover, AAN has Consultants Roster of hundreds of active members, including distinguished national, regional and international development professionals with varied thematic and functional expertise.

AAN Associates brings demonstrated background in working with range of development partners e.g. public service organizations, bilateral and multilateral funding agencies, UN organizations, Red Cross & Crescent Movement partners, international and national NGOs and others. So far, over 100 national and international projects have been completed in various functional areas that we operate. A significant proportion of repeat clients is an evidence of trust and satisfaction in what we offer (more details in the list of projects).

AAN Associates has established as high-end quality consultants with robust contract management and quality assurance mechanisms to deliver quality services consistently. We take pride in carrying such a brand identity. The years of hard work with demonstrated commitment to quality, innovation and responsive services, and exceeding expectations, has helped us gain confidence and trust of our clients.

AAN brings history of exceeding expectations, which our clients acknowledge and value. This has helped develop unique bonding with our clients that underpins mutual trust, openness and frank communication. The relationship in some cases has graduated to a being reliable partners, which is a good measure of success in managing expectations and relationships.


Leading consultants enabling partners in pursuit of sustainable development results.


Engage with partners in pursuit of sustainable development results by extending services with demonstrated professionalism, innovativeness, complete integrity and ethics, and continually exceeding expectations.


Working with change leaders

To us, clients expressed interest and desire is fundamental to depart from business as usual. This we reciprocate by enabling change leaders or champions with out of box thinking to turn things around. We work with our partners and clients to turn ideas into reality. We work to create ownership from within and keep the clients/change leaders engaged through the process to further solidify commitment to change and enable hem to carry it through.

Service excellence through associates network

Our partners, associates and consultants are our strength. The wide network of associates and partners enables us to leverage complementarities and comparative strengths, broaden horizon of our services, immediate mobilization of resources, and use context understanding to operate in insecure and volatile environments. Our associates include but not limited to development consultants, academic and research entities, think tanks, NGOs and others, available nationally, regionally and globally. We are continuously in search of new partners and associates.

Innovative and sustainable solutions & client capacity development

We work together with the clients to inspire, innovate and build capacities. The efforts are guided by the values to find simple, locally relevant and scalable solutions to the development challenges. We work to build capacities at all level to help organizations gain in-house expertise to sustain the momentum. To us this remains at the core of our business to nestle change within to help achieve sustainable results.

Building bonds from clients to partners

Managing expectations and relationships are of paramount significance. We work with the intent to invest in cultivating trust, respect and mutual benefit to transform traditional client-service provider relationship into partnerships.

Respect and Integrity

Mutual respect and integrity are at the core of our business. We make conscious efforts to demonstrate respect for communities, people, cultures and environment that we interact with in our work. We value and take corresponding actions to demonstrate professional honesty, neutrality and integrity. We take pride in being a growing entity with zero tolerance to bribery, corruption and unethical behaviours.